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Colored Ambiance: How Is Our Mind Affected by Colors

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You might not see it, but the color of products and your surrounding influence you in ways you might not expect. Think of using colors in advertisement as a form of subliminal messaging. Colors can not only influence how we perceive things but they can also influence our mood as well. Most people are prejudiced towards color, we all have a favorite one and there are a few we do not like.

However, the science of color and how it influences human behavior is not that new, people have known about the effects in the past as well. It is worth to be noted that modern businesses use colors in almost every aspect of their activities, and for a good reason to, because colors can sometimes make or break a deal.

The color market

Nowadays it is not hard to figure out what kind of color influences certain audiences and those businesses deliberately use the color patterns so that their business can flourish better. Research and studies have been conducted far and wide to figure out how to incorporate colors into their own needs and gains.

On the other side, depending on where you are and what colors surround you, your body can react differently and can even cause health issues if not taken care of immediately. A recent research showed how customers react to certain colors at business shows and events, which can also influence how you will behave and whether you will need to call an ambulance or not.

Dr. Color

colors for health

Research has also shown that colors can greatly influence recovery time and the health of a patient, especially when treating serious illnesses. Photobiology can help patients feel healthier while also improving their mood.

Beyond that, color treatments have also been noted to affect not just the physical state of our body, but our mind as well. Improving someone’s mood or affecting their current mental state is easily possible by using colors. Furthermore, by using certain colors you can send signals to the brain that either something is wrong in your body, or it needs help from the inside.

Good news for the gym goers

Color in your room and in your surrounding can stimulate your brain in way that you will not feel hungry, or vice versa. For people who would like to lose weight faster try to spend time in rooms with the color green and blue and avoid red and yellow as they will stimulate your body to be hungrier.

Colors in general

Color psychology

Red is considered to be an aggressive color, and it usual invokes aggression or fear in people, try to avoid it if you want to feel safe and if you want to stay calm. Blue on the other hand makes you feel safe and secure, if you wish to stay calm and avoid any conflicts, stay blue.

Green is the color you would like to surround yourself as much as possible as it is considered to be associated with energy conservation and a good incentive to creativity. Also, orange and brown invoke the sense of safety and creativity; combining these colors at home or at your workplace will surely boost your creative juices to flow.

Black, is the ultimate color for authority and sophistication. If you want to seem successful, black is the way to go. And on the other hand, white which represents innocence also denotes brilliance and the future. Choose your color surrounding wisely.



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TashaColored Ambiance: How Is Our Mind Affected by Colors

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