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Easy and Inexpensive DIY Floor Finishes

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Renovating the floors in the different rooms of your commercial or residential real estate property could be easier than you expect. Hiring professionals for the job is a good option which, however, will definitely cost you a lot of money. In case you have a tight budget at the moment, but you still want to improve the look of your old floors, you can finish the work yourself. You will be surprised how many excellent options and ideas you can find, once you decide to make a research.

You can have unique floors, which will completely transform the look of your home, making it look more stylish and inviting than ever. Now is your chance to use your imagination and improve the look of your floors with a couple of simple ideas that will help you turn your inexpensive DIY projects into reality.

Beautiful floor ideas

It will be easier to change the look of your old and dingy floors than you think. The only thing you need is a good idea, for which we could help. Below you will find various interesting DIY projects which you can definitely afford to do. You won’t need professional help, which means that you will be able to save a lot of money without giving up on the idea of providing your real estate property with new floors. We had a wonderful consultation with builders in Peckham, and here are their tips on how you can turn your floors into the best part of your home:

  • Colourful floors – In case you’ve always wanted to have more unusual floors, now is the time to turn this dream into reality. For the purpose you will have to collect bottle caps for a certain period of time, until you have enough to cover the entire surface of the floor you want to change. This will be a fun project which will certainly freshen up the look of your home. The collecting of beer caps could take a while, though, so you can ask your friends for help. When you are done, you can prepare the surface of your floor using thin-set mortar. Then you can arrange the caps any way you like and let the surface dry. In the end, you can fill all the gaps with grout and apply sealer.
Bottle cap floor

Image source: realart.com

  • Freshen up your floors with brown paper bags – Another great idea is to freshen up your floors using brown paper bags. In case you’ve been involved in decoupage projects before, you will have no problems with the realisation of this idea. In order to make this work, you have to glue to the surface of your floors scraps of paper and let them dry. After that you can cover everything with polyurethane. Use several coats of the products, if necessary.
Brown paper bag floor

Image source: instructables.com

  • Paint your floors – Painting your floors is an excellent idea too. You have to keep in mind, though, that the paint in some areas will fade away quickly, so it will be nice to have a bucket of paint just in case. You can freshen up those areas any time. You will have to sand your floors first, however, so that all imperfections can be removed. Then you can clean the surface with a damp cloth a couple of time, until all grime disappears. You can then apply the paint on your dry floors. When it dries as well, you can apply a layer of water-based polyurethane.
Beautiful painted floor

Image source: designsponge.com

Those are only part of the many ideas you could try. The most important thing is to use your imagination and experiment any way you like. Instead of beer caps, you can use also wine corks and all sorts of other things. When you are done with the renovation of your floors, though, it is a good idea to perform one thorough cleaning of the area. Thanks to the cleaning, you will be able to remove all stains of paint or other grime.



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TashaEasy and Inexpensive DIY Floor Finishes

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