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How to be a Thrifty Home Staging Star

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If you need your home to be sold fast, and your home staging funds are limited – and we know how important it is that you hold a proper home showing, there are a few things you will need to do. They will require some preparation in advance, thorough dedication and will to present your home the best you can.

It is important that you clean up your home and that you make sure that everything is working, otherwise you will have angry people coming back and accusing you for selling a faulty home.

Keep it clean

clean space

The most important thing that potential buyers will look into is how clean and how spacious your home is. It is important that you de-clutter your home so that buyers can see that the previous owner took good care of the house, and that there is plenty of space for everything they might need.

Moreover, while cleaning you will be able to spot any issues or faulty installations that you can change immediately so that your potential buyers do not find it later on. While cleaning out, it is also a good idea to see if your walls need to be repainted or if your floors are in dire need of fixing up too.

Fix your windows

attention to windows

For every home it is vital that the windows are in great shape so that they can let in natural light and that they are protected from heavy rains or winds. Window treatments are absolutely necessary as it can not only make your homes more secure and resistant to the elements, but it will certainly make any house sell faster thanks to it. There are a plethora of treatments you can choose from, and each one was designed to last and to give your home a more appealing appearance.

Make it less personal

Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves in their soon-to-be new homes, and it is impossible if your personal items are lying around. To safely put away all your personal belongings, using containers as storage is a great idea as it is cheap to rent and it will keep everything safe and secure.

Furthermore, if you strike a deal, you already have half of your things packed, and it will be easier for transport too.

Use lighting to your advantage

It is important that you use available natural light and lighting in rooms to your advantage, as it can really define rooms and also add ambience that the buyers will greatly appreciate. Furthermore, playing with lights will enable you to make a room seem larger, or to make the rooms appear bigger if it is necessary.

See through the buyer

home for sale

You are at a big disadvantage when staging your home, you already know everything about it; but you should try to look through the eyes of a potential buyer. Try to view your home as you would when buying a new home, which will help you organize everything better when trying to sell your own.

Your home, your stage

When you are presenting your home to potential buyers, make sure that you emphasize the best features, and also make sure that you are not spending too much money on sprucing your home up. Because looks fade away quickly it is important to show the home as it is, without sugar-coating it, as it might come back to haunt you.



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TashaHow to be a Thrifty Home Staging Star

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