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Interior Design Trends For 2016: Make Your Home A Modern Place

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With 2016 coming up just around the corner, keeping your home a la mode can be challenging. However, the new trends for 2016 are simple variants on those from earlier in 2015 and what is currently in style. However, we love those subtle but definitive exceptions that make a new difference, and here’s what’s on our minds.

Outdoors In

indoor plants

One of the biggest trends for 2016 involves simply buying a plant. Bringing the outdoors into the home is the number one trend.

This involves bringing greenery into the home. It also involves picking furniture that can be used inside or outside. Multi-purpose furniture can offer an expansion of the home to the outside of the home. Look for pieces that feature plant life or that resembles the outdoors.

In terms of design concepts, placing a small potted plant or using greens in the color scheme are two of the best ways to incorporate this trend. However, this is not the only trend that has plant life involved.

Return of the Florals

floral pattern wall

Everyone remembers the black backgrounds with the pink, blue, gold, and green flowers. A variation on this vintage trend has made its way to the design tables and show rooms of many designers.

Today, the floral patterns are on a lighter background. The dark colors are given to the flowers. Different types of florals are also being seen. For example, Wesley Hall’s newest collection has a chair and pillow that feature lily pads in a subdued pink with a soft, deep green pad. C.R. Laine also has a floral print chair. However, theirs is bright pink with blue and green flowers, as well as light pink roses.

This trend is being reinvented from the 1980s. The dark floral prints of this time period are being changed, played with, and used again. As they have before, floral prints are taking the world by storm for another round trip to prove that history can indeed repeat itself.

Dark Hues

dark blue design

Also in the realm of history repeating itself, the dark colors so popular in Victorian England are coming back – minus the arsenic, thank goodness!

The dark colors are enriching and sleek. They made a large appearance in the 1800s, when the invention of gas lighting allowed the entire room to be lit in ways unseen before. Japanese modern furniture designs, featuring a single color and little or no decoration at all, have been fundamental in making this trend’s comeback.

Deep blues are the biggest piece of this trend. The popular shades are deeper than the turquoise that has been popular lately. Particularly popular are denim and indigo. The deep, dark hues are a refreshing change in pace from the lighter, brighter colors that have been so popular lately.

Geometry is Not Useless!

Geometry design

For anyone who has taught “geometry is useless”, you’ll be eating your words with this next trend. Geometric patterns – specifically ones featuring wood and cement – are coming in with a large force. This kind of pattern often features a fluidity that cannot be found in other patterns, which makes it quite appealing to the eye. Humans do love symmetry, after all.

This doesn’t have to stay confined to kitchen backsplashes, however. Floors and walls are all the rage for this trend. This can go from the kitchen walls to the living room floors and have a wonderful appeal to all who enter the home.


eco bedroom

Eco-friendly has become one of the trademarks of furniture now. Recycling, up-cycling, refurbishing, recovering, etc. is all the rage. From woods that can be grown quickly to the padding in our sofas becoming less toxic, sustainability is not being overlooked. Reusing older pieces or giving them a new home is simply one part to this trend. Buying used and retouching yourself is also part of this trend.

Dramatic Colors

bold colors

Just as the Victorians loved their Scheele’s green, we are finding new uses for the dark, dramatic colors. Gold and a dusty, rusty pink are also in this category as they are revived and added to be accent colors.

The key to this trend is not being afraid to mix the colors. Bold black and dusty rose are as game as bold, dark green and navy blue! Copper, silver, and gold are all used as accent colors in this fun trend, and can easily be given a new life by adding one of these in a new scheme.

As 2016 comes into the headlines, keeping the coming trends in mind will help you brace for it. The fun lights and trends are coming, so gear up for the interesting styles to hit the show rooms.



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TashaInterior Design Trends For 2016: Make Your Home A Modern Place

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